Chrissie Olstad

Chrissie Olstad - Voice, Guitar, Hair

Chrissie is a passionate performer who truly enjoys entertaining people with a playful energy.  Her expressions are animated, vocals versatile, and hair flaming red!  She's soulful, bad ass, intense, fun loving and obviously glad to be here for the party!!

Before The Gingers, Chrissie has been part of original, recording and cover projects as vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and sometimes drummer including Illicit, Who’s Ginger!?, Gena’s Bouquet (self released CD Petal Faster) Red Pop, The Bluzers, HAG.

When Chrissie is not on stage, she’s managing band business and bouncing around various creative projects. 

Debbie Cielen

Debbie Cielen - Lead & Slide Guitar, Vocals, Antics

Debbie has performed in original and cover projects laying down rhythm and lead for many genres including punk, rock, funk, industrial, pop and blues. Experienced on both acoustic and electric, she has a penchant for punk or anything where she get's to play slide. 

She's recorded and released product on every medium from vinyl to digital.  Band history includes Bitch, The End, Illicit, Uncle Bob and the Bluzers, the Barbie Army, Who's Ginger!?, Gena's Bouquet, and RASH (Delinquent Records).  In 2008, she and Chrissie formed HAG - now The Gingers.

Debbie is also known for her jokes and antics, best not discussed publicly. 

Kerri Jane

Kerri Jane - Bass, Vocals, Phat-Bottom Girl

Kerri is an ultra-cool, free-spirited, butt-kicking wild woman. She captivates the audience with her absolute dynamism, roaring thunder, and bad-ass boots.   Her smile is as contagious as her energy is endless.  

Some of Kerri's past projects include: Hot Heels, Lyla Stone, The Fabulous Janes, and Libido Funk Circus.

Kerri keeps us all anxiously awaiting her next rockin' fashion runway surprise.  

Emi Fukuda

Emi Fukuda - Keys, Guitar, Vocals, Jeopardy

Emi began playing the flute and guitar at an early age, then drawn to the bass years later became a committed player.  Her bass prowess has earned her participation with multiple Chicago projects of past and present, including Little Red and the Hoods, Kites, The Ready Freddies, Letters to Lillian, Diva Kai.  It was in the band Skirt Steak where she picked up a synth to help fill out the sound.

Emi became a huge fan of The Gingers after meeting them at a gig.  She learned they wanted to  add a keys / guitar player, and promptly added keys to her rig and feverishly learned their set. She became an official Ginger in June 2015. 

Emi shines with her versatility and ability to provide the grooviest cohesion possible.... and she'll beat you at Jeopardy!

John Sweeney

John Sweeney - Drums, Gong, Harley

John is an explosive entertainer who has been hammering the local, regional and national music scene for decades. He's affectionally known as "The Energizer Bunny" because his energy and enthusiasm is non-stop.

John has performed and toured with Star Trooper, One Arm Bandit , Street Kids, Bad Influence, Holy Moses!, Bone Sugar, and had a four year stint with Ravage, releasing their debut album Wreaking Ball on Mike Varnee's label, Shrapnel Records.

In 2012, John joined Chrissie and Debbie in HAG and continues to be the backbone for The Gingers. 

When John is not banging on things, he’s riding all over the country on his Harley with his wife Sammie. 

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